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KTVK drops 'Good Morning Arizona' pers Since I know she is too clueless to understand what she did was wrong or she would have chosen a different course of action as the manager pointed out, she should have called or put a note under the door, but chose to do the lazy thing without thinking someone who put out the DND sign might not want her in the room I'll take just not seeing her. Cartoon woman muscle growth. TheWacoKidd haters gonna hate. Naked in front of hotel maid. This time my wife was in the shower and i peeked down the hallway and saw the same maid coming in my direction carrying some towels.

Many hotels charge for a last minute cancellation, but hotel employees have now given the secrets to cutting the cost. I am scared to continue dating. Sexy group sex pics. She looked at me as though it was the most normal thing in the world. When getting to the bathroom, instead of cleaning the wash facilities they will just rinse it out instead. She said to go ahead, that she would clean the bathroom afterwards. He's a leading figure in the Keep Sex Safe Crusade, sub-slogan or you might be sharing the couch or bed with him.

She apoligised and left the room waited outside the door till I left clothed, I smiled at her as I walked past her. Some did it for fun but most for a few extra bucks. I would tell the maid service to be careful, respectful and polite. Naked in front of hotel maid. Desi sex videos in youtube. Skip to content Search for: I Want to Meet Girls Who Like to Look.

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Forum Flashing Male-Female Flashing How is it a guy could walk naked in front of maid and she won't complain? Although one time, I was working in my room when the cleaning staff showed up. Penthouse tv free. Not this time sorry. BTW I have had more great encounters at low-budget motels than bigger hotels, mainly because they do need the work and won't gripe.

Add bfactor to Rail Reply Quote 1. This sounds like a terribly traumatic experience. Naked in front of hotel maid. I GM a hotel and I gotta say, about twice a month, a maid walks in on someone naked. She closed the door and lifted her shirt and bra. Returning to your room after a short trip to the front desk to find the door propped open, the housekeeper busily cleaning away, and your wife still unaware in the shower — that has to rate at least a Class 5!

I was in the bathroom naked, just thinking about having a shower and shave. No bra hot girls. They give the tip to put a sheet or towel down before resting on it to protect themselves. No but one time at work I had to take the gnarliest shit ever and I run into the bathroom I let out the standard pre shit fart on my way to the stall and hear some lady dying from laughter turns out the cleaning lady was cleaning the stall I was about to destroy.

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I ended up plowing the dude just to save face and not make it a total loss. Next thing I know I hear another door open and hear female voices. This is not a Pen Name May 28th 5: Oct 10th, , Only one call with some lame excuses too much noise, too warm in the room blablabla , but when I said it was OK with me, they leave it that way.

I was finishing up a Webinar when I heard a key knocking loudly against the door: Some guests really expect you to clean up after them like you are their mother. Hotel maids often hand in left behind items to the front desk or lost and found.

North Pole , AK United States. I've been saying that too!!! What about the other girls at the front desk? DaveTheRave View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message.

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